Beto O Rourkes Irish Thanksgiving Turkey

Now that the dust has settled on the US midterms elections, our American friends can start to focus on the Thanksgiving holidays.  Every year we rear Turkeys for  the Thanksgiving celebrations in Ireland.

We deliver all over Ireland and open our farm shop on the day before Thanksgiving for customers to come to the farm & collect.  Our American customers are always delighted to get there hands on a fresh turkey for the holidays.

The midterms got me thinking. I wonder would Beto O Rourke like an Irish turkey for Thanksgiving.  He is after all a fourth generation Irish man.  He speaks fluent Irish…. well he did drop the Fbomb (the go to word for any emotional Irish person).  Or maybe a pardon!  If Beto O Rourke was to run for POTUS and just say he won.  Could he pardon an Irish turkey on his first Thanksgiving?

There are a lot of maybes there, but who knows anything is possible.  We got to think BIGLY!

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