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Cooking Your Duck To Perfection

Roast Duck is such a treat. Beautiful, flavorsome and juicy meat. It makes a great centerpiece to any family’s roast dinner. My Mother cooks the best Duck ever, this year she followed a recipe from Chef Paul Flynn of The Tannery in Dungarvan as seen on RTE’s Today Show. The Mulled Wine Grape Sauce really…

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Bronze Turkeys Gets 5 Star Reviews

The reviews are in for Christmas Bronze Turkeys 2023. Thanks for your kind words, they sustain us as we prep for Christmas 2024. Our preparation are year round. Thats one of the beautiful things about farming it runs with the seaonal cycle of the year, with the reward been the harvest of your hard work.…

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Friendly Farmer Duck

Duck its Easter!

How about a lovely plump roast Duck for your Easter dinner? We have a selection of Ducks ready for Easter family get togethers. Bursting with flavor a roast duck can feed up to six adults and makes for a very tasty dinner center piece. Accompanied with roast potatoes, veg and a plum sauce, it makes…

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