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We are delighted to be able to offer a discount on our delicous Christmas Bundles to select companies and their staff & employees.

To access the discount, simply choose the bundle offering you’d prefer, and enter the coupon code at the checkout. The coupon code will have been supplied to you via company email.

Corporate Box 1 Contains:

5Kg Bronze Turkey

1.5Kg Light Cured Ham

Regular Price €91.50

Price with coupon code: €85.00

Corporate Box 2 Contains:

7Kg Bronze Turkey

1/2 Light-cured Ham (3.5 – 4kg)

Christmas Duck

Regular Price €153.00

Price with coupon code: €138.00

Boned & Rolled Turkey

Our Butchers can take your bird and Bone and Roll it for ease of carving, and we don’t charge any extra for it. You get an easy carve succulent, juicy, tender & tasty Turkey.

Bronze Turkey

Succulent, juicy, tender & tasty meat.  Holidays are about making memories, A Friendly Farmer Bronze Turkey will become part of your Holiday tradition.
Friendly Farmer Duck


Our Barn Reared Ducks produce succulent, juicy, tender & tasty meat.  Suited to catering for numbers of 4 to 6 lucky people.