Pumpkin Picking Is Thirsty Work

Picking your pumpkin in the Fields of Athenry is thirsty work.

Therefore as Halloween creeps in we are delighted that our friends at The Town Cafe in Athenry will bring their Trailer of Hot & Happy treats to our farm for the Halloween build up.

Visitors can warm themselves with coffee, tea and hand crafted treats.  There may even be hot chocolate for the smaller pickers.

Mathew and his team bake all their treats from scratch.  That’s why we are looking forward to his team visiting the farm to refresh our pickers.  We may even work together on preparing special pumpkin treats.

Our team are busying preparing our pumpkin patch for our visitors.  Due to the crisp clear weather and the leaves turning on the trees our farm really looks at its best this time of the year.  The madness of back to school is over and we all settle into our autumn/winter routine.

Because off the hot summer this year our Bronze Turkeys are in fine fettle.  They love the heat and the dry weather.  We planted a super food for our Bronze Turkeys this year, forage kale.  Our Turkeys have started to feast on this, we hope it will add even more flavor to our birds.  We have tried feeding them some pumpkins but they are not interested.

We are really looking forward to hosting our first Halloween on the farm,  and getting ready for the build up to Christmas. But its the Pumpkin Patch first.  If you visit, don’t mention the Christmas word too loud in front of our Bronze Turkeys!!!  Our Farm shop will be open over the Halloween. What would be nicer than a lovely chicken roast to round off a day spent in the Fields of Athenry.  See you all soon.


The Friendly Farmer & Team

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