Eggs: Are our hens really green?

Our eggs come in many colours, brown, white and even green. We like to spice things up in our egg boxes. The brown hen egg is the standard egg sold in Ireland & the UK. It is laid by a red feather hen such as a Rhode Island Red. In the USA a white egg is the standard egg sold, laid by hens like the White Leghorn.

But green eggs? Surely not from green hens… These come from our Cream Legbar hens and no they are not green hens!

So what’s the difference in the eggs? Very little, only the colour of the shell! We like them as they look great and what better sight than a field full of all different hen feathers! You can buy our eggs here.

What can a west of Ireland farmer learn from the Incas?

Biochar is produced by the slow burning forestry thinnings to produce a dust-like charcoal. Biochar is presumed to have been discovered by the Incas as a soil amendment.

It is a carbon sink and an excellent absorbent of nutrients.  This week we got our first delivery of it from Greenbelt in Cavan.  What we plan to do is to add it to our slurry to see will it lock in more of the nutrients and release them slowly into the soil and limit the release into the atmosphere .

Will it work? I don’t know. How will we know if it has worked?  The soil will tell us, by producing a better crop of grass for our animals.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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