Athenry Fields to Inishbofin Seas

This weekend we left the farm and the Fields of Athenry and we headed two and a half hours west to Inishbofin, above all to experience the delicious food of the island.  What a weekend we had!  The drive from Galway city to Cleggan gave us time to switch off.

As you head out past Oughterard & Maam Cross, the Twelve Bens start to open up around each turn in the road.  The rawness of the landscape makes you realize your place on this earth.  Taking a left for Cleggan the atlantic coast opens up before you. What a sight!  Driving down into village, you spot the ferry docked at the pier and the sense of excitement builds.

Because your back faces the mainland on the ferry journey across, you are forced to unwind even further.  By the time you land on this small island off the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way you are moving at a different pace.  For two days we sampled all the best the island had to offer.  Lamb & seafood cooked simply and traditionally, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the island.

Green Fields of Athenry

Upon returning home it struck me the beauty that lies within our own farm;  the stone walls, the rolling green fields and and the food we produce.  It often takes a trip away from the farm for us to realize the beauty that surrounds us in Athenry.  We recently had a German visitor to our farm.  While looking out across our green fields he turned to me and said “This is exactly how I imagined Ireland to be”.  He too had been on a long journey. He had totally switched off while he experienced the East Galway landscape and the food we had to offer.

We are lucky in Galway to have a county that offers such a diverse food & farming experience.   From the lush green fields of Athenry to the rawness of Connemara & Inishbofin.

If you would like to come visit our farm we are open for pumpkin picking this Halloween.








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