Jersey Cream & How do you shoe a Donkey?

How do you shoe a Donkey? The fact is, in the main you don’t.

We use two donkeys as livestock guardians with our Bronze Turkey flock in Summer & Autumn, they then move on to our sheep flocks in Spring. They keep Mr fox away as they are territorial and don’t like four legged intruders.

Every 3 to 4 months they need their hooves clipped to keep them in shape. It’s a job for our local farrier. The donkeys don’t mind it and stand happily for him to work away. It’s tough work though and the farrier needs great strength to hold their leg in place.

Jersey Cream

Our first calves will soon be due. This year we will be calving 25 beautiful Jersey cows on the farm.  It’s the start of our new dairy enterprise.  We hope to be supplying milk to our local co-op by mid-March.  The last time milk was supplied on this farm was by my grandfather Dermot Gill in the mid-80’s. Covid has delayed this project for a year but in 2021 we plough on regardless.

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