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The Last Chocolate Kimberly was eaten today

Christmas 2018 is over.  I polished off the last chocolate today.  That makes it official in our house.  On behalf of myself and our family can I wish you all a  Happy New Year and a Big thank you to all our customers for supporting our farm.  We hope that what we do here has added something to your Halloween experience or your Christmas dinner.

Planning for 2019 starts this Thursday.  Our hard working team will meet up and share their learnings from Christmas 2019.  If you have any feedback we would love to receive it.  It is only from our customers experiences that we learn how to improve year on year.  Drop us a mail or post a comment on our site.

I was on Galway Bay Fm earlier today chatting with Keith Finnegan on all things food in Galway.

Scroll to 1.40 in the Podcast to hear our chat.

Happy New Year.

Ronan Byrne

The Friendly Farmer

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