Turkeys Super Hero Dog Max

Whats the most question we are asked when customers visit our farm?

What type of a Dog is that?

The dog in the photo is Max, the king of our farm.  He is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  A Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD).   LGD’s have been used for centuries to keep predators away from sheep, goats and cattle.  Here on the Friendly Farm we use them to keep our Bronze Turkeys safe and sound.

We have a team of three super hero’s.  Two Pyrenean Mountain Dogs & one Polish Tatra Mountain Dog.  They allow us farm the way we do.  Allowing our turkeys free access to the outdoors, while Max and his mates keep the foxes and minks away.  The Bronzre Turkeys live happily with their dog friends content in the knowledge that they are keeping them safe.  Something we are pretty pleased with!

Our orders are building up, if you haven’t order yet please do so.   To avoid the rush and possible disappointment.

Ronan Byrne

The Friendly Farmer

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