What feeds our soil?

Animal manure is the one of the most important soil improvement resources we as farmers have. It was the number one resource in the past and it may well be again in the future. In the interim it has had competition from alternatives, but as these alternatives get more expensive and shorter in supply manure will become center stage again.

The amazing thing about cows, sheep and all ruminates is they recycle nutrients from the soil as they graze and after grazing return them back into the ground via their manure. A little circular organic economy, pretty brilliant when you think about it.

On our farm we are beginning to understand this better. During the winter months we house some of our livestock to keep them in from the worst of the elements. We store all their manure in the form of straw bedding and slurry. It is vital we get the most from this organic resource so that it feeds the soil to its full potential when we apply it.

We have teamed up with Nova Q adding active bacteria to our slurry increasing the rate of biodegrading in the manure so that this organic resource becomes readily available when applied. This helps the soil’s microorganisms and fungi do their job, providing our livestock with the healthiest grass that is available. The picture show the bacteria ‘brew’ as we applied it, rich in microbes and positive bacteria. Interesting times ahead as we wait for the results during the year. Hopefully the soil will reward us a good crop of grass.

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