Which Presidential Candidate is like our Pumpkins?

Good News! We have decided to open next Friday.  The schools will be off to facilitate the vote for our next President. So why not vote and come and pick your pumpkin.

Our Pumpkins are a lot like one of the candidates in the election.  They start off life as a small seed.  Then slowly through nourishing themselves with all the good things in life, they start to grow.  As they grow the begin to look around and shoot upwards.  Taking in everything they see around them, making them stronger and more resolute.

It is then in the middle of life they flower a beautiful vibrant flower.  Announcing to the world that they are here.  Adding beauty and vibrancy to everything that surrounds them.  Then the fruit starts to develop.  Gradually growing and taking shape.  It is not until just before the fruit is ready that it starts to turn brilliant orange.

Only until the pumpkin has taken in all that life has offered, does it truly shine.  And then a magical thing happens.  It stays shining brilliant orange. Keeping all its vibrancy and brightening up it surrounds.

I will let you guess which candidate this is.

‘Poet of peace and the poet of words
Of the beckoning free thinking world
The poet of every class and colour
Crime parades and brave young mothers’

The Sawdoctors

See you on Friday after you vote.

Ronan Byrne

The Friendly Farmer

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