Freezers are back in Fashion

Beef Boxes – €49 feeds 4 adults for 6 meals


I hope this finds you safe & well.  The chest freezer of the 80’s household held the same status as the microwave in today’s household.  Something you just couldn’t do without. For all the obvious reasons freezing food has become practical again. It’s a convenient way to have food on hand when trips to the shops are limited.

We pack all our meat freezer-ready to give you the option to cook fresh or freeze for a later date. Buying that little bit extra and freezing is now a clear trend with our customers.

These would be our 5 tips to get the most out of your freezer.

Small freezers can be the Most Practical.

Avoid bottomless huge freezers.  Unless you are really bulk buying your standard fridge freezer with a little organisation can hold all that you need to get you from week to week.  This avoids the mystery of ‘what is actually in the freezer?’

Good Food.

Only freeze foods that you use regularly, that way it will always be handy to have it at your fingertips.

Avoid Freezer Bingo.

Label Everything Clearly!  This avoids the game of freezer bingo as you randomly defrost chilled packs from your food stash.

Empty it Regularly.

Aim to have your freezer empty once a month/fortnight.  This avoids the backlog of food that you can’t even remembering buying.

Always Have Ice cream in the Freezer .

Because you can never have enough ice cream!

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