We can help with your meat shop

I hope all of you are safe and well as we settle into these challenging times. We may be able to help you out in the coming weeks as shopping for the necessities becomes more arduous.

Online orders of our meat & collections from our Farm Shop have increased in the past 2 weeks as our customers stock up. We have implemented a Social Distancing Shopping Protocol which has worked well and is keeping everyone safe.

We have put together an Essentials Range of Products, we will be adding more choices over the weekend as we adapt how we do things for the coming months.

How it works

Drive-By Click & Collect 

Order today before 1pm and collect between 2pm and 6pm.

Safe Social Distancing Shopping.

Order online in advance.

Prepay when you checkout online.

When you arrive, park up (we have ample parking).

There is no need to leave your car.

Call us on 091 442 695.

Pop open your boot.  We will drop your shopping into it.

And, your shopping is complete.

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