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Pumpkins & Our Broken Love Affair

Oh social media you were so good to our farm but alas we have fallen out of love with each other. Without you how would we have shared our story over the last decade. Our love affair has come to an end, not immediately but slowly over the past year. So much so that now we barely spend anytime together. Its both our faults.

At the start it was magic, an instant way of getting our story out to people. We posted every day, but now practically nothing from us. Why so? We both have changed. You got clogged with stuff that made you all consuming, we happily went along with it at the start. But its not healthy for us and our friends & customers. The break up had to be swift and hard.

A Nokia 3310 replaced the smart phone, after a few anxious weeks I learned that I could survive and thrive in an analogy world. Our customers social media feeds are no longer clogged by a daily stream of information from us. We feel harmony has been restored. We now only use social media when we really need it. But social media has taken the hump, and is not to keen to share the little we post now. That’s fine we will survive.

But how to survive? We still want to share our farms story and Ireland’s farming and rural story as there is a lot to tell. We started with a blog over a decade ago, so its back to the future. ‘An Irish Farmers Diary’ our blog will keep us in touch weekly. Let see how it works out.

Now its back to harvesting our pumpkins before we open the farm up for Halloween

Ronan Byrne

The Friendly Farmer

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