Don’t Bin Your Left over Pumpkin

An Irish Farmers Diary

Thanks to everyone who called to us and picked their pumpkin over the last two weeks. Opening our farm up to children and their parents at this time of year is great fun for us. One question we get asked, is what to do with your left over carved pumpkin?

Our pigs help us recycle our left overs. But we also have a family of badgers on our farm that munch a few pumpkins. Even thought I have never witness on eating from our patch. Every morning I discover pumpkins with their insides scoped out and eaten. It has to be the badgers!

So what to do with the left overs?

If you have a compost heap they breakdown quickly as they are up to 90% water.

Cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces and leave at the end of the garden for small mammals and birds to feast on.

Or better still take a walk in your local forest and leave the pumpkin out for the squirrels or badgers and return a few days later to see has it gobbled up.

Its now on to the busiest season on the farm, as we prepare the cattle and sheep for the winter months. Plus we wind up for Bronze Turkey season as Thanksgiving and Christmas are only around the corner.

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